Welcome to January and a Happy New Year to all our friends and customers! There would seem to be a marked change in the approaching weather, which may be a good deal colder. Bear in mind your tender plants that may need wrapping with frost protection fabric if the temperature seriously plunges. 

                •We are now closed on Sundays until April 

                •Winter bedding plants are now all available - pansies, primroses, hellebores and a range of early spring flowering bulbs

               •There is still time to cut down any herbaceous and perennial plants that have gone dormant - and perhaps collect up some of those autumn leaves that are on the ground.

                •The time to cut back herbaceous and perennial plants down to the ground if they have finished flowering as the foliage is beginning to go dormant

              •Our selection of tools from Spear & Jackson, the Kew Gardener collection, is one of the best available and has proved to be a great success with our landscapers and customers     

              •Our cards from the Natural History Museum's Archivist collection are both beautiful and inexpensive and provide a lovely way to send a message with a floral gift. We have added ten new designs from Blume editions to add choices to our range which are equally as charming

              •We stock all the necessary components for irrigation systems from both Hozelock and Gardena. It would be wise to 'drain down' these systems and store the computer timer inside until the threat of heavy frost has passed. These timing devices are generally not frost hardy

              •The box tree caterpillar is now less active as the weather cools. However, it is still worth checking your remaining buxus plants to monitor the situation. Perhaps it is time to think of planting alternatives such as ilex crenata.

              As the year moves forward, let us hope for a successful gardening year!

                      Best wishes,

              Richard Hood