We are fast approaching December, with a marked change in the weather. It is now wetter, windier and most definitely colder. Bear in mind your tender plants that may need wrapping with frost protection fabric if the temperature seriously plunges, but so far we have only experienced average temperatures for this time of year

                •We will continue to be open on Sundays until Christmas, opening at 11 am 

                •Our autumn and winter bedding are now all available - pansies, primroses, small and large cyclamen, hellebores etc

               •Our Christmas trees will be on sale from the 28th of November, and we will stock most sizes of trees from 4 ft high to approx. 20 ft high. Please ring for details on 0207 937 0481 or e-mail

                •Our florists are busy preparing for orders of advent rings, wreaths and door knockers, please ring them on 0207 937 0481 or e-mail for details

                •The time to cut back herbaceous and perennial plants down to the ground if they have finished flowering as the foliage is beginning to go dormant

              •Our selection of tools from Spear & Jackson, the Kew Gardener collection, is one of the best available and has proved to be a great success with our landscapers and customers. A lovely Christmas gift for a keen gardener might be a pair of quality secateurs      

              •Our cards from the Natural History Museum's Archivist collection are both beautiful and inexpensive and provide a lovely way to send a message with a floral gift. We have added ten new designs from Blume editions to add choices to our range which are equally as charming

              •We stock all the necessary components for irrigation systems from both Hozelock and Gardena. It is well worth checking that your automatic watering system is working correctly 

              •The box tree caterpillar is now less active as the weather cools. However, it is still worth checking your remaining buxus plants to monitor the situation. Perhaps it is time to think of planting alternatives such as ilex crenata.

              As the year closes we would like to wish all our customers and friends a very happy and restful Christmas and a peaceful New Year!

                Best wishes,

              Richard Hood